Starting a business with the Perfumatic Perfume Machine

is a universal solution for those who want to start their own business or have a business on the side.

Low entry barrier
Short payback period
from 3 months
Monthly turnover
Additional earnings
the machines are equipped with an advertisement display


Height 37,2 cm
Width 51,4 cm
Depth 17,5 cm
Weight 16 kg
Power 220 V (standard socket)
Installation Requirements:
wall space 0.2 m
Height 40,7 cm
Width 70,4 cm
Depth 17,5 cm
Weight 20 kg
Power 220 V (standard socket)
Installation Requirements:
wall space 0.3 m


A small rented area
(only 0.2 sq. m of wall space)
You will need a little time to arrange the lease of the wall space in any location suitable for business.
On-line statistics of your machine, personal account
Your personal account will allow you to see on-line financial metrics, sales reports, milliliters of remaining toilet water in the bottles and more.
Possibility of displaying advertisements on the machine
Additional earnings
The Perfumatic machine has a screen for displaying advertisements in its lower section. It doesn’t take long to set a promotional video, and you can also set a desired number of ads. You are the one who sets the advertising price, everything depends on the use and location of the machine.
Advertising and promotions are included into the cost
By purchasing the device under the Perfumatic brand, you save money on advertising and promotion. Perfumatic is already known in the market and is in great demand. We will take personal responsibility for promoting the company in social networks and Internet advertising campaigns!
High markup
For one spray > 1000 %

How to start your own business with Perfumatic?

Purchase our machine and accessories
Find a place in your city with high foot traffic to set up the machine.
Agree on a lease of 0.2m2 of space.
Set up the machine in the selected location
Connect the remote controlled system
Start earning money and expanding the network

We recommend placing the machine in:

Shopping centers
Sports clubs
Night clubs
Airports, train stations and gas stations

Payback Сalculation


Number of sprays per day

Number of days in the month

Cost of one spray (euro)

Total revenues for the month (euro)

Expenditures for the toilet water* (euro/months)

Wall rental (euro/0.2 sq.m.)

Total expenditures for the month (euro)

Profit per month (euro)

Business payback










7 months










4 months










3 months

* We recommend using the bottles with a capacity of 100 ml = 840 sprays (approximate costs = 41 euro). Price per spray = 0,049 euro.

* If the expenses for the toilet water are 41 euro, the extra charge is over 3, 000%

By purchasing the machine, you get:

A Practical Guide to
conduct and organize the business
Presentation for leaseholders
and advice from the head of office management on how to start a business with Perfumatic
Brand promotion
advertising campaigns and mechanisms to increase customer trust in the brand
for the promotion of services to the end user
Recommendations regarding the selection of
toilet water for the machine
Constant software updates
for convenience of using the machine

About the Company

Perfumatic is the only company in the World specializing in the production and sale of vending machines for spray perfumes.

We can proudly say that we have made a great contribution to the development of the vending business all over the World. The old European idea to create perfume spray machines has inspired us to create Perfumatic. Thus, we have made a revolution in the World vending market. We have studied the experience of our colleagues who were involved in this business 60 years ago and discovered the reason for their failure. The perfume bottles inside their machines leaked and eroded, which did not allow their business to survive. We have improved the basic and fundamental mechanisms of perfume sprays, eliminated all sorts of problems and maximally improved the technical aspect as well as patented all our elaborations and the trademark Perfumatic. As a result, we are the only company in the world producing these machines.

Perfumatic doesn’t have any competitors and is modernized every day. The developed system of statistics and data reports for the use of the machine is a unique advantage. Our clients are happy that the special system allows them to monitor the use of the machine online, to control the employees, financial metrics, and other processes from your smartphone device. Perfumatic machines are designed to ensure that people feel safe and can put on their favorite scent of perfume at any time. They are placed in shopping centers, airports, sports clubs, restaurants and so on. Back in Europe, there was a tradition to use the best perfumes in the restroom for a small fee, using the service of a special official. We want to introduce our tradition and acquaint people with the same culture, only with the help of a reliable, modern machine. After all, restrooms are an intimate place where everyone goes and transforms themselves. In addition, Perfumatic perfume contains only the most well-known global brands.


Our News

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas
Happy New Year & Merry Christmas
Sale - 15%
We love football
We love football and cheer for Russia! This is a wonderful event for all the fans we can not miss. Until the end of the World Cup all equipment is discounted. And when Russia leaves for the final, the discount will be twice as much!
Call, we will tell you the details.
International women's day is approaching and Perfumatic wants to give all our customers a discount of 8% for each perfume vending machine, 8 days before and 8 days after March 8, thus expressing their admiration and respect for every woman.
New Year action
Attention! New Year action is in progress! All the details on the phone 8-800-500-7384
The Perfumatic is already in Latin America
We are pleased to present the Perfumatic in the Dominican Republic!
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Miracle of technology
You did not have time to see the report about the Perfumatic? No problem!
Read the article and watch the video on the link
The report about Perfumatic on NTV
Do not miss September 3, at 11-00 in the Miracle Technique program a long-awaited report about our Perfumatic devices!
"Miracle of technology" is a lucid and interesting story about the latest scientific developments and technologies that are able to change or already change our lives.
August is the end of summer, the harvest time, and we collect discounts!

All the details are on the phone 8-800-500-7384
Perfumatic already in France
Our machine is installed in Shopping Centre Point WC – Carrousel du Louvre
We are glad to conform to high standards of our partner 2theloo, turned toilet zones into something fantastic. "Even better than at home" – it’s the only way to describe toilets of the company 2theloo in public places. And we are glad to offer our equipment for creation of the best!
Exhibition Vending Paris
Our company took part in the International Vending Paris Vending Exhibition in France from March 15 to March 17. We presented our products adapted for the European market. We came to the conclusion that our product is unique, in demand and optimally fits into a niche vacant by a vending company.
During the whole exhibition at our stand we met with people from different continents, for all of us we were the pioneers of a new direction both in the vending business and in the places where the devices were installed.

Having negotiated with the largest air carrier, we were pleasantly surprised by the interest shown to the Perfumatic device, their main purpose in visiting the exhibition was to find something new and they found it, now we are at the stage of signing the contract. We hope that in the near future you can also use our Perfumatic device at international airports.

Clients from Mexico showed interest in our device based on the large consumption of toilet waters in their country and the complete absence of such devices. At the moment we have already signed an exclusive contract.
There were many customers, each of them wanted one, to be the only one in their market.

We are ready to negotiate with all companies, but to do business with only worthy ones.

At the end of the exhibition, we concluded that our product is unique, in demand and was presented at the right time and in the right place - in Paris (France).
The exhibition Vending Paris
See you at the fair Vending Paris from 15 to 17 March Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles Pavillon 5.1, Stand PAV 5.1-A07
Start production of a new model of vehicle
We will launch the production of a new model of the device from ten inch monitor in January. The device will be large in comparison with the previous model, but also more attractive from the point of view of display advertising screen.
Happy Birthday Perfume Vending LLC
Today we have a birthday party!
We are one year old!
During this year, we released a new device model, improved design, developed a new control unit, set up new personal cabinet, released a mobile application, participated in international exhibitions. But, most importantly, our devices were not only in Russia but also in other countries: Spain, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine! We opened a sales office for the European market.
We thank our partners for their confidence in the company.
We wish all the partners and employees of the company and success!
PerfuMatic in Spain
PerfuMatic in Spain.
Read more in detail
Installation of the first devices in the Republic of Belarus.
November 2016. Installation of the first devices in the Republic of Belarus.
Participation in the exhibition InterSharm
October 26-29, 2016. Participation in the exhibition InterSharm.
Perfumatic app is in the Appstore and GooglePlay
31 August 2016. Perfumatic app is in the Appstore and  GooglePlay.
Installing devices in Spain, Barcelona.
20 June 2016. Installing devices in Spain, Barcelona.
Opening sales model with the monitor.
20 May 2016. Transfer of production in Russia. Opening sales model with the monitor.
The opening of the sales of perfumes for vending machines.
12 April 2016. The opening of the sales of perfumes for vending machines.
Participation in the exhibition VendExpo
March 23-25, 2016. Participation in the exhibition VendExpo